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We’re proud of our long history of service to our clients, our profession, & our community. Just as we have over the past decade, we’ll continue to strategically grow in ways that enable us to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our deep talent pool is a thoughtful mix of classic foundational experience & new approaches and philosophies, We combine years of in-the-field wisdom with the innovations and advancements of the present. In all things, we maintain our core approach to business, marketing, & writing—personalized, one-on-one attention for every client, every time. We'll handle the heavy lifting, but we also love to share, teach, coach, and empower organizational leaders to take over when they or their team are ready. 

The Fire Starters

Mihelle Lievense

Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience, Michelle specializes in small business strategy. Equally at home with big ideas & small details, her objective is to arm small business owners with the tools, resources, and knowledge to ignite a bright future. 

Sara Fischer

Creative Director

As a design thinker, Sara innovates and implements an inspired consumer experience. Driven by technology and simplicity, she also empowers small businesses with training and beginner-friendly usability features for endless collaborative possibilities.

Tom Portman


Weaving a tapestry of relatable, useful, and optimized content, Tom distills visions and tangents into articulate phrases and chapters that illustrate consumer desires and company promises, through langage and story, linguistics and semantics.


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